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Best High Efficiency Condensing Boilers
Lochinvar Knight Boiler
Buderus Boiler
Prestige Triangle Tube Boiler
Trinity Tube Boiler
Ask any heating contractor which is the best high efficiency condensing boiler and
they'll all tell you the same thing: "The best boiler is the one that's installed right."

But when you visit the contractor forums, the five boilers mentioned most frequently in
a positive light are: Buderus, Lochinvar, Trinity Tube, Prestige Triangle Tube, and the
Veissman Vitodens.

Each is favored for one or more of the following reasons: Price, Size, Versatility,
Reliability, Ease of Installation, Technical Support, and, of course, Fuel Efficiency.

There is no clear winner here because every installation is different and one particular
make or model might suit the application and the home owner's budget better than
the others.

Below is a sampling of comments from different contractors describing the advantages
and disadvantages of the high efficiency boilers mentioned above. (Each comment
within quotation marks is from a different contractor).
Viessman Vitoden Condensing Boiler
Vitodens 100
Veissman Vitodens Boiler
"We have installed both Vito Dens 100 and 200. Buderus GB142
and alot of Lochinvar Knights. The Vito Dens 200 is the best
product but it's price point makes it a difficult sell to the average
home owner."

"Of course it is highly complex and very expensive but based on
its use in Europe for much longer and stellar reputation for
Viessmann reliability it really deserves the highest consideration."

"As I've said before, Viessmann is an excellent product and we
do offer it, but is a hard sell because of the extra cost."
Buderus Boiler
"The Buderus GB 142 is a great looking unit and installs pretty
easily. Their control options are somewhat limited but will
improve greatly with the RC35 whch will be coming."

"We have had outstanding success with the Buderus GB series.
Have had no problems at all with them - very affordable and high
quality. Aeshetically, I find them superior-looking in comparison to
many out there."

"Have installed Baxi was not impressed. Viessmann vidodens 200
is graet but very complicated - 230v 50 htz circ pump. My favorite
by far is buderous GB142. Simple and installs very Quickly and is
half the price of the Viessman."

"I personally am a big Buderus fan. Excellent product for the
money. I have many beautiful installations out there purring
along, saving folks money on their fuel bills. Another great side
feature is that I can seamlessly integrate all of Buderus's solar
product right into the boiler controls."
Lochinvar Knight Boiler
"We have concentrated mostly on the Knight's for several
reasons. First of all you can cover a huge cross section of the
residentail and commercial market with this product all using the
same built in control. This makes training service techs very easy.
With the addition of the wall hung units it is now even better.
The units look good and the foot print is great."

"I have been to the Locinvar Knight boiler presentation and it
appears to be a well engineered product. I have a couple of jobs
where building a wall to hang a GB 142 may not be an option
and the floor mount Knight would fit the bill nicely."

"I really like the Knights, a dream come true so far. Very simple
to set up. You don't have to be from the planet "Smart 5" to
make these things sing a nice quiet tune. Best of all, made in the
Trinity Tube Boiler
"Recently I've stuck to mostly Viessmann or NTI Trinity but have
installed many others. I put in Trinity's for customers who want a
system that is cost effective and Viessman's for people who have
more cash than brains."

"I have installed a number of diferent boilers in the past 5 yeeas
and all where great the day they first where started up. The true
test is when you have a failure at night or the weekend and you
know tech support is not there.

I have called tech support on weekends and in the middle of the
night of many companies but all yet only one has called me back
NTI and it was the engineer at his home I could hear his wife
and children in the background I was impressed."
Prestige Triangle Tube Boiler
"The prestige solo is a really well thought out, simple, elegant
machine isn't it? We're really impressed. 6 replacement parts and
you're fully stocked for service too... pretty cool."

"I have personally installed five of the TT prestige. It is a great
product also. I think it also is a nice boiler for the money also."

"Based on my personal experience. We've installed a truck load
of the TT's with virtually no issues. Many on LP which seems to
be problematic with some of the mod/cons."

"My favorite is the Prestige. Very well made, very reliable, well
supported. I do not like the aluminum heat exchanger brands
because I have bad experience. I have had two heat exchanger
disasters with Buderus GB."
NTI Trinity Tube
Prestige Triangle
Tube Boiler
Lochinvar Knight
Buderus Boiler
Which Boiler Is The Best?
The best boiler is the one that is installed correctly by a heating contractor who offers
24/7 emergency service and values your business.